2003 projects

Reynolds Road Subdivision Midway Point
Contour, Detail Survey and Design 63 Lot Subdivision


Toronto Pastoral Company Subdivision
Stages 7 to 12 - 50 lots


Cambridge Road Subdivision
Contour, Detail Survey and Subdivision- 18 Lots


Oakdowns Subdivision
Contour and Detail Survey, Stages 1  and 2- 23 Lots
Preliminary design further stages - 200 Lots


Patrick Street Town House Development
16 townhouses for TERROIR Architects: Detail, Level and SStrata survey

2001 projects

2001  Toronto Pastoral Company Subdivision
Stage 1  Rural Residential Subdivision - 1 0 Lots.

Airwalk Tahune Forest, Geeveston
Preliminary Level Survey,  Alignment   Survey,  Tower  and Anchor  Block Surveys and  as constructed survey for Crisp Bros

Setout of carpark for Andrew Walter Constructions

Setout of Visitors Centre for Bells Construction & Technology

Bally Park Road, Dodges Ferry
Contour and Detail Survey of 3km of residential road​

Spotlight Hobart
Level and Detail Survey​

1999 projects

18 Ross Avenue,  Rosny Park
Detail Survey, Boundary redefinition   and setout.  2 storey building for Bells Constructions


Flagstaff Gully Dam
Setout of spillway for Andrew Walters Constructions


Skyline Drive Subdivision
Layout design and location of building envelopes in sensitive bushland and skyline preservation areas


11 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park
Boundary redefinition and setout of 2 storey building for Don
Di Giovanni Constructions


Kingston Pollution Abatement Ponds & Wetlands System
Contour and Detail Survey



Contour and Detail Survey; digital terrain model of the coal pit and location of
Kimbolton Coal Mine, Hamilton
bore holes


Sorell Council, Effluent Re-Use Irrigation Scheme
Contour and Detail Survey for the  position  of  the  pipeline through   and   including  Orielton   Lagoon,   Pittwater   Golf Course and various Council maintained streets and roads


Lawitta Rural Residential Subdivision
Layout design and negotiations with Derwent Valley Council


Molesworth Rural Residential Subdivision
Submission to Derwent  Valley  Council,  layout  design  and compliance with  Tasmania  Fire Service Guidelines  for Subdivision


Goldfields (Tas) Limited, Henty Gold Mine
Slag heap digital terrain modelling


Contour and Detail Survey of proposed truck wash area and digital terrain
Pasminco Hobart
model  of manganese dioxide stockpile.

Anglesea Barracks
"As Constructed" survey of the boundary fence


1998 projects
2002 projects

Shack Sites Project - Heybridge
Contour, Detail and Boundary Survey- 45 Lots​

Shack Sites Project - Boat Harbour
Contour, Detail and Boundary Survey- 34 Lots​

Shack Sites Project - Kingfish Beach
Boundary Survey​

Glenorchy City Council Collinsvale Sewerage Project

Contour, Detail proposed route, Setout and Boundary Survey.

Government House Hobart
Wall deflection survey

Otway Fly Project, Victoria
Level Survey, Boundary Survey, Alignment Survey, Tower and
​Anchor Block Survey, Setout of carpark and visitors centre.
Toronto Pastoral Company
Stages 2, 3 and 4 Subdivision, 30 Lots

Renison Bell Tailings Dam
Contour and Detail Survey, setout dam and volumetric survey for contract purposes

Limekiln Gully Dam
Contour and Detail Survey

Sorell Council Effluent Re-Use Irrigation Scheme​
Setout of pipeline for Groombridge Excavations​

Rosny Park By-Pass Lane​
Setout of chainage and offsets for Groombridge Excavations​

Buckland, Military Training Area
Setout of roads, stop butts, target mounds, firing mounds and diversion channels

Cosgrove Drive Subdivision, Richmond​
Contour and Detail Survey of site, design 15 block residential subdivision and setout of road.​

Daisy Banks Dam
Contour and Detail Survey, Setout of dam for Hazell Bros Civil

2000 projects
1997 projects

Contour   and   Detail Survey  of 
Claremont High Residential Subdivision 
site  and   design  35  block
residential subdivision



Hillcot Rural Subdivision, Lachlan
400 Ha, 11 Lot Subdivision including layout design, road level and Setout Survey


Commercial Subdivision and Strata Development



1996 projects

Seasons Restaurant
Detail Survey, Crown Land Survey and Strata Development

Bayfield Street, Rosny Park
Commercial Strata Development

1995 projects

1995 Hurburgh Development, Taroona
Detail  Survey, Boundary  Adjustment  and  Strata



Kingston, Glebe
30 Lot Residential Subdivision, Detail and  Contour  Survey, layout design, Subdivision and As Constructed Survey​