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Wanting to buy land or subdivide in Hobart or Tasmania?



Buying a house?

The standard survey we do for someone purchasing a house is an "identification survey".


​This survey provides a plan illustrating the relationship between the title boundaries and the buildings, fences, driveway and other features on the site. Corner pegs are not placed in an identification survey.

House or units have been are you ready to build?

We are able to set out the building relative to the site boundaries. Given the tighter controls on properties such as boundary setbacks, height restrictions, proximity to neighbouring dwellings etc., we can ensure that the building is built in the right place.

Just bought a block of land and want to build?

The first step in having a building designed is to have a "contour and detail survey" done.


This survey is provided to your Building designer (Architect or Design Draftsman) and gives them the information they need to design building(s) on the property. Information provided by this type of survey can include general contours of the property, location of fences, driveways, services, neighbouring buildings, view lines, etc.

Wanting to subdivide a block of land in Hobart/Tasmania?

Should I subdivide or strata title?


Depending on your requirements, we can give advice regarding subdividing your property or alternatively strata titling.

Need a set out survey done?

Set out surveys can be done for large scale construction sites, multiple dwellings and single buildings. The scope of any set out is tailored to suit the individual builder/developer.


We can do any of the following:
- set out for bulk excavation
- set out for footings to be excavated
- set out for concrete pads for steel column structures
- set out grid lines to enable the builder to recover the building lines after and during excavation
- set out concrete nails in concrete footings to indicate the finished brickwork lines.


Don't know where your boundaries are?

Need to fence your property?

Are you having a boundary dispute with a neighbour?​


If any of the above, we can do a "remark survey" where we can re-establish the title boundaries and place corner pegs. As well as providing corner pegs, a remark survey provides a plan that is lodged at the Land Titles Office which outlines how and when the new corner marks were placed. The lodgement of this plan is a requirement under the Land Surveyors Act 2004 for any registered land surveyor who places a corner mark.

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